Technology Integration

Our Technology Integration Services

Our ESU technology integration staff strive to combine the beauty of teaching with the sophistication of technology to create the perfect learning environment for today's students.

Check out our list of services below!  We're here for you!
Inservice Training

We'll work with your staff on topics of your choice.

Lending Library

We've got cool stuff.  Use it.

1:1 Teacher Training

Want to learn something specific?  Let's meet!

Helping Hands

Want to try something but need an extra set of hands?  Use ours!


Let us show you how it's done by teaching a lesson with you!


Want a tech pal in your corner.  We're friendly.


Not sure what tool to use for a project?  Let us research for you.

Tech Tutorials

Learning takes time.  Tell us what you want, and we'll hook you up with tutorials.

Want to make some tech magic together?  Contact our team!
Stephanie Bernthal

Cody, Kilgore, Valentine

Patty Finney
Becky LeZotte

Bassett, Springview

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