Student Activities

Our Student Activities

While much of our work is directed at teachers and administrators, there are times when we get the pleasure of working directly with students!  Technology days, Breakout Edu events, and Quiz Bowls are just a few examples!

Senior High Quiz Bowl Records
  • 2020: COVID-19 Suspension

  • 2019: Champion Valentine; Runner-up Rock County

  • 2018: Champion Valentine; Runner-up Ainsworth

  • 2017: Champion Valentine; Runner-up Rock County

  • 2016: Champion Valentine; Runner-up Rock County

  • 2015: Champion Rock County; Runner-up Valentine

  • 2014: Champion Ainsworth; Runner-up Valentine

  • 2013: Champion Ainsworth; Runner-up Keya Paha County

Junior High Quiz Bowl Records
  • 2020: COVID-19 Suspension

  • 2019: Champion O’Neill; Runner-up Ainsworth A

  • 2018: Champion Ainsworth B; Runner-up Valentine B

  • 2017: Champion Rock County B; Runner-up O’Neill

  • 2016: Champion Valentine; Runner-up O’Neill

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